Research Internship

Online & Offline platform for research internship for students, faculties and working professions on various engineering streams.

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Online Skill Test Platform

Test your fundamentals today ! on our online skill test platform for all engineering streams, ranking, learning and certification platform – exam.ri.

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Virtual Engineering Lab

First of its kind ! Cloud based online lab on computational simulation platform. learn based on your domain, physics, tool and at your convenient time.

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Learning Content Hub

Online simulation enabled learning material hub ! video, audio, pdf based theory and practical learning materials for all engineering streams.

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Introducing Simulation Enabled Experiential Learning (SEEL)

Virtual learning platform with self guided learning material and advanced computational simulation facility. SEEL implemented at Colleges, Universities level to automate the simulation enabled learning process. Which ensures the access to advanced learning aids, software tools , and also optimal utilisation of resources ! Centralised learning platform.

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About Us

Research Internship! an online platform enabling the students, faculty members and working professionals to perform internship on domain specific, physics focussed and experimental coordinated collaborative research activities. 

Research Internship associates with online engineering skill test platform : exam.ri; virtual engineering practical lab facility : Virtual Engineering; learning material on theory and practical, domain, physics, tool specific audio, video, pdf based tutorial platform : SimulationCapsule. 

Research Internship promotes simulation enabled experiential learning (SEEL) platform for end-to-end learning beyond the academic limitations; learn what is there in your engineering syllabus, learn what domain you wish to build your career, perform your research simulations and perform sample projects with self guided, expert supported 24/7 cloud based virtual engineering learning.

Our Benefits

  • This is an academic initiative of DHIO Research and Engineering Pvt Ltd ( – experts in advanced collaborative computational engineering R&D and services
  • Virtualised Platform Enabling the Simulation based learning for students, faculties, research scholars, working professionals – learn from anywhere ! anytime !
  • Academic focused, Industry specific, Domain focused learning materials; enabling unique learning experience of physics, process and materials on virtual platform.
  • Supported, Self guided Materials with back-end expert guidance
  • Single Platform for Learning, Skill Enhancement, Performing Lab, Research
  • Integrated with Advanced Engineering Research Internships and Guidance from pool of Experts
  • Skill test objective question bank, test your skills and automated ranking and certification


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